Bienvenue au Domaine de Noiré
Welcome to the Domaine de Noiré
Nous vous proposons des vins bio
We offer you organic wines


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Odile and Jean-Max Manceau bought Domaine de Noiré in 2001, since when they have devoted themselves to returning the vineyard to its former glory.

Involved with wine for over three generations, their shared passion continues to guide their daily lives. Olivier, a long-time friend and colleague, helps Odile and Jean-Max to manage the land, ensuring that the vines are able to give of their best.

The philosophy of the domain is to offer quality wines that accurately reflect the landscape in which they have been nurtured. As a result, all the vintages possess delicacy, elegance and character.

Domaine de Noiré and its respected wines are situated at Noiré, first classified as an area producing top quality Chinon wine at the beginning of the 20th century.

Certified Organic Production

Following a conversion period of three years, Domaine de Noiré is now recognised as complying with all the requirements of Organic Production. Our vintages were certified AB (Agriculture Biologique in french) after the grape harvests of 2014.

Our vines

We produce three great wines based on the three different soil types at Domaine de Noiré.

Sandy-clay soil: (part of a Miocene period sandy stretch on the south-facing Chinon plateau.) this area, covered with flints, retains heat during the daytime. The soil gives a fruity wine, which we encourage.

Gravelly soil where the vines are planted on gravel with a clay content below 15%, except for the sub-soil, which roots can easily reach, so limiting any water stress.

These are both mature soils that drain easily and where the vines must be precisely handled.

The other soil – limestone – the famous Loire tuffeau – is a porous stone that suits vines perfectly.

This has huge potential, and the vines thrive in it. When the yield is carefully controlled the grapes have a very full flavour.

Our mission statement:

Over the years the Domaine de Noiré has developed the cellar as well as the vineyard to produce wines with individual personalities. We began with working the soil; establishing ground cover between the vines to boost micro-organisms; limiting growth to produce quality grapes. Leaf removal, AB and biodynamic cultivation, manual harvesting, limited yields (40 hl/ha) are all part of the efforts to optimise quality.

An efficient vat-room with temperature control and a homogenisation system allows us to work in ideal conditions. Everything is done to achieve “traditional wines” appreciated by so many customers.

The team

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Wine tourism

If you are passionate about your region, you want to share its richness with others.

The Domaine de Noiré offers you not only the chance to find out about the work of the vineyard, but also to visit Chinon, discover the banks of the Vienne, experience unusual viewpoints, to taste local products and especially to meet local enthusiastic producers.

Come and spend some time with us, appreciate the estate and so much more …



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We are very proud to have received numerous awards for our wines.

Contact us

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    You will be welcome at

    160 rue de l’Olive 37500 CHINON (France)

    from monday to saturday from 10am to 12 and from 2 to 7pm
    sundays and holidays by appointment